I recently conducted a Work Readiness workshop for young men on proper business attire.
The DVD allowed me to engage the class in activities that I could not have done without the
step-by-step instructions of the DVD.

- Rommell D. Williams
  Employment Specialist
  Houston Area Urban League


   I didn't realize there were so many ways to tie a tie!  Anyone can learn a lot from the
techniques and usages demonstrated on the DVD.

- Christine Pfaff
  Career Gear Houston


   I have seen the DVD by Beau Williams on How to Tie a Tie and through I thought I knew how
to tie a tie I did not. A great video for teaching anyone on how to tie a tie.

- Oswald J. Scott, Jr.


   Most of us have little idea of how to make a tie look good.  This DVD does a great job of
showing the step-by-step approach of tying the knot that will make your tie a great centerpiece
of your outfit"

- George Fornea


   Michael demonstrates five different ways to tie a necktie, and I have to admit I had long ago
settled into using only one boring technique, whether it made sense for the tie fabric and collar
style or not. His clear explanation of not only 'how', but 'when' shows his professional knowledge
of making men look good, something every woman will appreciate. The DVD makes an excellent
companion to the classic Father's Day or Christmas gift."

- Doug


   By working as a personal valet with Career Gear for the past four years I've discovered just how
many guys don't know how to tie a tie  -- and I only know one knot myself. (Correction: Before
this DVD I only knew how to tie one knot.) This DVD is fantastic. Beau makes the process easy
to follow. We're making a copy available to all of our clients."

- Donna Reasonover
  Executive Director - Career Gear Houston


   In this changing world to dress for success, I recently viewed a dvd of How to Tie a Tie, 5 Knots
in 15 Minutes by  Michael "Beau" Williams. To me this video should be in the library to be
reviewed by all young men going into the business world engaging into the interview process.
The first impression in your appearance with the perfect knot goes a long way in the look of your
wardrobe personality. 

   I recommend this video How to Tie a Tie which shows the four-n-hand, half-windsor, shelby,
full-windsor, and the bow-tie knots to fathers, sons, and mothers who want their sons to succeed.
In my opinion, this piece is an excellent business tool for true professionalism.

- Andrew Such
  Over 50 years in men's clothing


   How To Tie A Tie is an outstanding DVD. We plan to use it in our young men’s training class in
the segment on “dressing properly for leadership in the assembly”. Many boys and young men
don’t wear ties, not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how. This DVD is a
wonderful tool to teach this skill with respect and ease.

- Dwan Reed
Darien Loop Church of Christ


   Michael Williams was a speaker for the Twentieth National African-American Read-In at the
Barbara Bush Library in Houston , Texas . He spoke to a large group of youth on Dressing for
Success. He illustrated, through his costume and speech, young people have a choice as how to
dress, yet the choice they make directly affects their success in the workplace. Michael did a wonderful
job of relating to the group in a fun and informative manner. He left the teens with a message many of
them will remember for a lifetime.

- Dwan Reed, LMSW
Program Directory, EBONY, Spring, TX.



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